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Williams Corporation Capital Partnership LP is a wholesale financial product that supports an incredible opportunity to create a brighter future. Williams Corporation is passionate about building new homes for New Zealanders that are both affordable to live in and affordable to maintain. By investing in Williams Corporation Capital Partnership LP, you are helping support our vision of making home ownership accessible to all. Investors are provided with a gross (pre-tax) 10% per annum return, with distributions paid quarterly.

This investment is about more than a monetary return – it’s also about investing in a better future for our communities. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference and ensure that everyone who is able to purchase property in New Zealand has access to safe and secure housing.

Investor’s funds will be pooled and invested by the GP (on behalf of the LP) in Williams Corporation Group Companies in accordance with the investment and lending policies of the LP as set out in the Limited Partnership Agreement. Part of the LP’s investment policy is to invest in redeemable preference shares issued by Williams Corporation Group Companies, including Williams Corporation Capital Limited (Williams Corporation Capital).

For more important information about Williams Corporation Capital Partnership LP, including the key risks of investment, please request a copy of the latest Information Memorandum.

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Investors are provided with a gross (pre-tax) 10% per annum return on investment


Dividends/distributions paid to investors since 2019 across all of Williams Corporation’s Wholesale Funds


Total funds raised by Williams Corporation across all of the Funds since 2019

1 billion+

In total sales (incl. GST) by Williams Corporation

Investment Criteria

Investment in Williams Corporation Capital Partnership LP is only open to wholesale investors (including eligible investors). This investment opportunity is not suitable for and is not available to retail investors. A minimum investment of $100,000 is required however this can be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Eligible Investors

An eligible investor is an individual who certifies that they have previous experience with acquiring and disposing of financial products that allows the investor to assess:

  • The merits of an investment in the LP (including assessing the value and the risks of Partnership Units);
  • The Investor’s own information needs in relation to the investment; and
  • The adequacy of the information provided to the Investor by any person in connection with the investment.
  • Eligible investors will be required to demonstrate a sufficient and relevant connection between their previous investment experience and an investment in the LP.

Wholesale investors

A wholesale investor is a person who meets one or more of the wholesale investment criteria under Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

Further information about Williams Corporation Capital Partnership LP and the wholesale investment criteria is set out in the Investor Information Pack.

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